About Quantum R.E.

——Information from a Quantum Level.

Quantum Research Enlightenment (aka Q.R.E.) is a collective of information from a quantum level: hypnosis, channeling, lightworkers, higher self, energy healers, and Guardians Council. A collective of information to help humankind from lost ancient knowledge to advance technology to excel humankind to the next level.


I love to meet new people and interview many different types of lightworkers and asking the following questions:

  • What do they do for a living?
  • Why they love it?
  • What tips do they have to help humankind?
  • How did they get started?

Are you a QHHT practitioner, channeler, energy healer?

Would you like to be interviewed and promoted by Quantum R. E. network then please send us an email at jason@jasonballay.com