Crystal Energy Healing Bed

  • What gave Q.R.E. the idea for it? The idea came to me from my passion for information on the Lost City of Atlantis, reading a collection of books, watching YouTube videos, listening to different types of past life regression, video collaborations with my team, and my ideas when waking up early in the morning putting all the pieces together.
  • How does the Crystal Healing Energy Bed work? the concept goes that you need 3 Main Things.
    • Sunlight and later on you can try Moonlight
    • Bed of Crystals
    • Open Mindset
  • The Sunlight shines on to the crystals (to charge them as well) and the crystals need to be placed on top of your body so that the light goes through the crystals and shines onto your body. The next important thing and probably is the hardest is the mind. Now you have to tell the crystals what you want to do with this energy. That you want to flow the energy from the crystals to your body and you want the light from the crystals to activate your DNA.
  • For the mindset, you want to imagine the energy from the crystals the light going into your body, and activating the cells in your body and where you want the energy to go. The next thing you want to imagine is using your hands, starting with your left-hand energy leaving going to the crystals, and using the right hand to receive the energy and going to the center of your body like a circle and repeat the process.
  • Optional to play your favorite meditation music, we have a playlist on YouTube with powerful energy symbols/codes click here for Meditation Music Playlist
  • Time Frame under the crystal bed is about an hour
  • The majority of the crystals are from Arkansas, because of the energy of the area. (Think of it as wine to a certain area)
  • I do believe that this is the beginning of something a lot bigger, maybe the beginning of the Golden Age?

Interested in having a session with a Crystal Healing Energy Bed? Please click on the link below to have an appointment with Jason Ballay until more Crystal Healing Energy Beds are created. Please go to Jason Ballay’s website.

Interested in buying or building a Crystal Healing Energy Bed? More info coming out soon.