Interview with Wendy Paquette, on Life Transformation, Holographic Wellness ~ EPS# 12.19.C

In this interview, we talked to Wendy Paquette on how to transform your life. Find the answers on what is holding you back from having what’s really in your heart. Teaching you the capacity of what your mind holds for you. (Total fascination with mermaids.)

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Wendy’s website:

Interview: about Ascension & Awakening with Von Galt – 12.19.B

In this episode, I interview QHHT practitioner Von Galt about what is coming through her session dealing with Ascension and Enlightenment. How to be your best self and how to make a difference in the world by just being a better you.

Von Galt:

Book Buddhist Guide to Manifest Parallel Realities

QHHT Discussion – talking about healing and Crashed UFO

*This is the Full Version** with Bonus Footage at the END**

In this video collaboration, the three of us talk about #QHHT, Past Lives, and Jen’s experience with QHHT, hear healings, why, how, and what information came from her sessions, her #pastlife as an #alien commander of a ship that crashed, and how they mixed in with the locals.

Here is Jen’s QHHT session:

To find more information about Sarah on a QHHT session The Holistic Hypnotist – Level 3 QHHT Sarah Breskman Cosme Book a session:

Interview with Julia Cannon about Soul Speak and many other topics – (Full Version): 06.19.B

In this video, we interviewed Julia Cannon about her book called Soul Speak – The language of your body. We talked about why she felt the need to write her book, Soul Speak and how her book benefits people and how to use her book. We also talked about some of her mother’s books by Dolores Cannon.