Interviews and Collaborations

Information from a Quantum Level.

Quantum Research Enlightenment (aka Q.R.E.) is a collective of information from a quantum metaphysical level: hypnosis, channeling, lightworkers, higher self, energy healers, and Guardians Council. A collective of information to help humankind from lost ancient knowledge to advance technology to excel humankind to the next level.

I love to meet new people and interview many different types of lightworkers and asking the following questions:

  • What do they do for a living?
  • Why they love it?
  • What tips do they have to help humankind?
  • How did they get started?

Are you a QHHT or BQH practitioner, channeler, medium, energy healer?

Would you like to be interviewed and promoted by Quantum R. E. network then please send us an email at

The interview will be over webcam, and the video will be uploaded to my YouTube channel and added to a playlist. Example: “Interviews”  The video will remain on the channel unless there is a conflict with any companies policies or a conflict.