The New Mayan Calendar and How to find Vortexes ~ EPS# 12.19.D

In this session, we discuss the new Mayan calendar and how to find vortexes. How to use the mind to teleport via the 3rd eye. Also some information about old technology that was used during the times of Atlantis and Lemuria becoming new and upgraded similar to the use in Star Wars.

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The Convoluted Universe Book One by Dolores Cannon (My Favorite and my first) Want to do a video collaboration? Already have a pc and internet? Logitech HD Pro Webcam Yeti Blue Mic (Silver)

Interview with Wendy Paquette, on Life Transformation, Holographic Wellness ~ EPS# 12.19.C

In this interview, we talked to Wendy Paquette on how to transform your life. Find the answers on what is holding you back from having what’s really in your heart. Teaching you the capacity of what your mind holds for you. (Total fascination with mermaids.)

5D Access Strategy Session 45 minutes for $47

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Interview: about Ascension & Awakening with Von Galt – 12.19.B

In this episode, I interview QHHT practitioner Von Galt about what is coming through her session dealing with Ascension and Enlightenment. How to be your best self and how to make a difference in the world by just being a better you.

Von Galt:

Book Buddhist Guide to Manifest Parallel Realities