QHHT Discussion – talking about healing and Crashed UFO

*This is the Full Version** with Bonus Footage at the END**

In this video collaboration, the three of us talk about #QHHT, Past Lives, and Jen’s experience with QHHT, hear healings, why, how, and what information came from her sessions, her #pastlife as an #alien commander of a ship that crashed, and how they mixed in with the locals.

Here is Jen’s QHHT session: https://youtu.be/Iqhy3ylpAEY

To find more information about Sarah on a QHHT session The Holistic Hypnotist – Level 3 QHHT Sarah Breskman Cosme https://www.theholistichypnotist.com/ Book a session: https://www.theholistichypnotist.com/contact