Crystal Energy Music 💎 ~ Magic Crystal Energy💎 432hz

#crystalmusic#energymusic ~ Please Share ~ Help us Grow This meditation music was created for the Crystal Energy Healing Bed at Q.R.E. Here is the link for more info, or you can use your favorite crystals.

A little history about the double triangle in a circle symbol in this video, when I was in my early teens I drew this image one day just playing around and this idea was developed to draw this design and nothing happened after that, not that I recall. Now fast forward to around 2018 I was looking for a logo for my Sci-Fi Fantasy story “Guardians of Magic” and since Atlantis did a lot of things with crystals, I thought I would use this design I drew when I was in my teens, I didn’t know how to draw on the computer and I wanted to make sure no one was using this symbol, so I did some research on it double triangles, and I found the same symbol as a crop circle. What are the odds that a symbol I drew in my teens will also be a crop circle?

So I did more research on this symbol and started to ask around, and here are the things that I was told about, it’s a very ancient old symbol, it’s a 5D energy symbol, like an energy stargate/portal, helps with manifestation, raising your vibration, transportation, timelines, and in the future, we will better understand what this energy symbol purpose is used for. **Here is a link to the YouTube video if you want to explore it more, and to see pictures of the crop circle:

Another thing I learned is that this symbol is connected to crystals if you look at the bottom of a crystal it has six points in a hexagon shape and each point is connected to the double triangle, and easily connects to the base of a crystal.

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